Sunday, June 12, 2005

my heart

I dedicate my latest scarp to one of my best friends that I’ve seen what she has seen, I’ve felt what she has felt and I’ve been there where she has been. Now she is free. She lives and she breathes. We all are here for you. Forever...

"Well, people say: scream what you want to say,
Cry what you feel,
So this is what I want to do.
Here is for those people I do care and I do love,
Those that I never forget, no matter what happens. There is so much behind, so much history that is unforgettable. It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter who you are. I’ve learned something today and I’m not scared anymore. We make a lot of mistakes, we sometimes become such fools, and we close our eyes and do not see the truth. But I finally won. After all these years, after falling down a hundred times, after making all of those mistakes, I found what I was looking for: My heart and my soul.
I’m finally free.
Free like who I am.
Free even behind the cage.
Free even under the dark sky.
Yes, I’m free cause I got back my heart. "

we love you...Never forget it.