Monday, January 30, 2006

dead or alive?

I am here again. Not with my words. With my broken soul. Hear my eyes………

The time is ours
They say.
But do we know we are alive?
If the sky is blue why
We never look above us?
Are we deaf or blind?
I haven’t seen you smile
Or even cry
Or a smile
Or a weep out of pain
Just the sound of your silence
It’s not killing me though.
Seems like we know each other for a long time
Something sparkles in your eyes
It tells me I’ve been there before.
I don’t know.
Should I ask?
Motionless without a word you keep staring at me
And I know you are not at the end of the road.
You said we will finish it
But look at us
We’ve been here for more than a life time
And still,
Still we are alive?
We breath
And they call us alive.
Baby, darling, my life
We were wrong
We never finished the line
And we wont
Doesn’t matter how long we stay here
Or there.
As long as we travel in the past
We are not alive
We are not alive…………