Thursday, December 15, 2005


I’m flying.
I’m in the sky.
With the stars.
On the clouds, under the sun.
I can see a man
With a child in his arms
Where are they going?
No one is here but me.
I’m flying above them all.
No one is higher than I am.
So I watch them
I watch their steps, their eyes, their tears
I cant hear them but I see them well
Very well.
The man is moving forward.
He is going to the sea.
A big sea.
With fish!
Big fish and small fish!
I can see them!
Swimming to survive.
The man reaches the shore.
He looks at the child.
Closes his eyes and
Dumps him into the sea.
Suddenly I wake up.
It was just a dream.
Just a dream I say.
I can see my shoes near the bed
Jus like a sailor’s boots.