Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bear Hug!!!

Last nigh (morning?) I went to bed around 3:47 AM. I couldn’t go to sleep for a minute. Something was missing. Something was absolutely missing and I had no fucking idea what it was. I tried to count the sheep. Obviously it didn’t work for me because everytime that I reach to number 7 I cant help myself and start to laugh. The faces of those poor sheep just make me wanna laugh. And plus, I was too drunk to keep track of all those cute animals!!! What could I do? I started to write some meaningless poems IF we call them so! That didn’t work either! I wish I could turn on the music and dance a little but hey, everyone was sleep. What the hell was wrong with me??????????????
Nothing and I mean NOTHING at ALL could put me on peace. I was all over the place, trembling every where. I felt like throwing up and who knows? Maybe I did. I was dizzy, my eyes were wide open all bloody, thirsty for a drop of water but too lazy to go all the way downstairs to get some. All of a sudden something popped into my mind. As I was looking around my tiny-cozy-blue room, I saw my cutie-big-soft-red teddy bear, which I got it for myself last year to cheer me up. And now it was sitting on the top shelf of my bookshelf eating dust. What was I thinking???????
I grabbed my chair, climbed up there, took my cutie-big-soft-red teddy bear, brought him down, took him to my bed, hugged him so hard that I could hardly breath, kissed him more than 30 times and never let him go until I woke up at 10 AM in the morning, my cutie-big-soft-red teddy bear on my arms with my lips on his chubby cheeks.

All I needed was a BIG BEAR HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still do..............