Thursday, May 18, 2006

And now we are even!!!

You wanna hear a story? Well here you are. This is a story of those people with broken hearts which are still full of hope that someday their lovers will come back and will save them from their nightmares. They don't know when, but what they do know is, that day will come and they will be happy again. This is the story of real people with real hearts.

Mt inspiration: Iranian's wives.

Yeah yeah, you’re right.
You’re right about everything.
Even about me.
No no.
Let me say it.
Let me show it.
Let me feel it.
Where should I start?
Since we met?
Or since we became one and then again
We are two different souls now.
You can never tell,
But I can.
I’ve been there.
But you were…..well gone.
Don’t tell me you are sorry.
I know you’re not.
Just stop pretending.
I hate to make you cry but
I have to pull you with me under the sea.
Die with me,
Watch with me,
Cry with me,
Feel the pain with me,
We were friends.
What happened?
Did you hear?
Did you notice?
You broke it
You stepped on it.
You never heard it.
I was screaming.
I was crying.
I was dying.
Where are you now?
No one knows.
Not in my hands,
Not in my heart.
I can’t tell.
There is nothing left.
But I know you will come back.
Someday with my tears in your eyes.
I never told you but
I took your heart while you were stealing mine.
And now my dear
We are even.
We are finally even.