Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The truth

(My new English ONLY blog: )
You tell me we live in a world that no one knows who we are
Still, you judge me before I say how we may change.

You tell me no one cares what you feel inside
Still, you walk away from me when I can’t stand them any more.

You tell me people are liars these days. The truth is dead.
Then, when I ask you, why you’re still here, you pretend you don’t know me.

Now my dear, I know you are right. We are the people. You are the one and I’m standing right next to you and start laughing ‘cause I know what you are thinking. You know it too. We just never say. We talk and talk and never say what we should say. Still, we enjoy our company. We laugh again and who knows? We may even cry when no one is around. But we never, never and ever say it. My dear, you are right. The truth is dead and we always wonder why. But have we ever asked why???

( the answer lies in us!)