Sunday, March 02, 2008


I was watching the movie “Forrest Gump” for the tenth times. Each time that I watch this brilliant movie, I fall in love with it a little bit more. But no matter how great the movie is, it will never beat the original book by Winston Groom. Anyways, I decided to copy some part of the screenplay of Forrest Gump movie in my weblog. These statements have stayed in my mind for years. I hope you find them quite fascinating, meaningful and simple as I do.

Don’t ever forget: life is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what you will get!!!!!

When I was a baby, Mama named me
after the great Civil War hero
General Nathan Bedford Forrest
She said we was related to him in some way.
What he did was he started up
this club called the Ku Klux Klan.
They'd all dress up
in their robes and their bed sheets
and act like a bunch
of ghosts or spooks or something.
They'd even put bed sheets
on their horses and ride around.
And anyway, that's how
I got my name, Forrest Gump.
Mama said the Forrest part
was to remind me that sometimes

we all do things that, well,
just don't make no sense.

Now, you listen to me.
We all have a destiny.
Nothing just happens.
It's all part of a plan!
I should have diedout there with my menbut now,
I'm nothing buta goddamn cripple, a legless freak!
Look. Look! Look at me!
You see that?
Do you know what it's likenot to be able to use your legs?
Yes, sir, I do.
Did you hear what I said?
You cheated me!
I had a destiny.
I was supposed to die in the fieldwith honour!
That was my destiny,and you cheated me out of it!
You understand what I'm saying, Gump?
This wasn't supposed to happen,
not to me. I had a destiny.
I was Lieutenant Dan Taylor.
You're still Lieutenant Dan.
Look at me.What am I going to do now?
What am I going to do now?

I don't know if mama was rightor if it's Lieutenant Dan.
I don't know ifwe each have a destiny,
or if we're all just floating aroundaccidental-like on a breeze.
But I think maybe it's both.
Maybe both is happeningat the same time.

Enjoy your life to the most, the past will never come back and the moments you lose, every second of your life, can change your life in a way. Don't ever take your life for granted. We make our destiny! Dont wait for it!