Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shout it out loud for the sake of it!

The fact that I’ve got all these ideas on paper and still I hesitate to read it out loud amazes me. I mean you create something, with all your power, let me rephrase that; with the highest level of your creativity SO FAR, and yet, when you hold it in front of you and look at this masterpiece of yours, you want to shut your eyes and hide it from all the eyes around you; and never let go!
What the hell is point of knowing something and does not share it with a soul? I mean where is the pleasure of knowledge, of beauty, of art when you do not know the language of teaching it to the world around you? How can you be so blind and naïve that you can not even see the lust in their eyes, the eagerness of knowing the unknown? And again: you, a moron, a joker of this planet hide what you call your “art” away from their eyes. How shallow you must be! All I can say is: shame on you! Above that, shame on me………..